WORLD ON ICE, LLC, founded in 2009 in New York, USA, specializes primarily in producing and executing projects on ice.

Our main goal is to present high-quality and cultured entertainment
for audiences worldwide utilizing the best artists and athletes from around
the world, while ensuring the cost is affordable for all levels of society.

Our company WORLD ON ICE would like to present you with a unique
and rare project, which was realized in Europe in 2011 – a magical musical
on ice – Cinderella.

This unique performance premiered on October 1st, 2011 in Prague,
Czech Republic and became the best-selling project on market.
During its tour in 2011-2012, encompassing 26 cities in Czech Republic
and Slovakia, 480,000 enthusiastic audience members came to see the magical musical on ice – Cinderella.

I believe you will be touched by the performance of Cinderella.  By becoming one of our partners your company name will be always associated with
the world tour of this magical musical.

As a former world figure skating champion, I am proud to present you with
this wonderful and truly professional spectacle on ice.


Radka Kovaríkova
General Manager