A musical on ice – the unique and original worldwide concept

 A musical on ice is a specific type of Czech staged performance, which worldwide originality rests in the concept of combining a theatre play on ice with singers, actors, dancers, and figure skaters and presenting a musical tale both on the stage and on ice at the same time.

The author of this type of performance – musical on ice is a Czech scriptwriter and director Jindrich Simek, who has already realized three authorial projects of this kind:

• A fairy tale musical on ice FATHER FROST in 1998,

• A romantic musical on ice ROMEO & JULIET in 2003,

• A magical musical on ice CINDERELLA in 2011.

The key to this concept is the separation of roles into two groups – on stage and on ice. Stage characters, played by actors and singers, speak, sing and move on a stage that is built on the ice, while skating characters, played by figure skaters, express themselves via movement and dance to enhance pre-recorded singing parts and dialogues performed by the actors on stage.

Musical on ice is often wrongly compared to ice revues, but except for the ice surface, there are many differences. While in ice revues, figure skaters perform various of their dance and acrobatic numbers to recorded or a live music, a musical on ice is a synthesis of a radio play, live theatre, music, singing and figure skating, and has an underlying story, dramaturgy, sets, and the most importantly – a plot.

During its tour, it concentrates a large number of viewers into a relatively small number of performances, thanks to the large capacities of hockey arenas and multi-purpose halls in which they are held.