Unlike any other show you have ever seen before, this unique concept brings together the magic of classical music theatre with the spectacular art of figure skating. An amazing theatrical stage performance captivates the audience, while at the same time the gracefully dramatic choreography of skating enhances the story and experience.

An international cast of fifty professional performers including: singers, actors, skaters, acrobats and ballet dancers from several countries around the world.

Cinderella takes place over an area of 1800m2 with scenery that brings
the show to life.

The ever-changing stage is enhanced by a massive 16m × 6m screen with a specially animated film to create ambience and interact with characters on set.

The musical composition of Cinderella the magical musical on ice was awarded the gold disk by Supraphon publisher in less than three months of being published.

The magical special effects will captivate and delight audiences of all ages.

Designed by a handpicked team of theatre professionals specializing in period costumes for musical, over 300 beautiful costumes will transport audiences
the world of Cinderella.