Radka Kovaříková


A long time member of the Czechoslovak and Czech national figure skating teams. World champion in pairs figure skating (1995) and professional world champion (1995 and 1997).
Radka Kovaříková was the first to be cast as Nastienka in the musical on ice, Father Frost,
and the first to be cast as Juliet in the romantic musical on ice, Romeo and Juliet.

After ending her professional figure skating career, she has been casting figure skaters
for movies, advertising, figure skating shows and musicals on ice. She also does choreography and coaching for figure skating talents. In the past, she has worked with world-renowned coaches and choreographers Irina Rodnina, Sergey Ponomarenko, Marina Zueva and Christopher Dean.

In 2005, she played a large part in organizing the first European tour of the US figure-skating show Champions on Ice.

In 2006, she was the star and supervisor of the entertaining TV show Dancing on Ice, broadcast by the Slovak TV channel JOJ, where she at the same time, as the casting director, took care
of all figure-skating casting, choreography and coaching of participants in this TV show.